1. List of the images to convert.

Images can be added via:
  - Drag'n'Drop onto (1)
  - File→Add Files/Add Folders
  - Rightclick→Add Files/Add Folders

Images can be removed from the list by pressing delete.

Doubleclick on an entry will open the image in a window.
2. The directory in which the converted images will be saved.
3. Output Pattern: Text which controls the folder hierarchy in the output directory (2) and the filenames of the converted images.
For for detailed information on output patterns see: Output Pattern
4. Displays the path the currently selected image in (1) will have after converting, using the information in (2) and (3).
5. Conversion options:
Format: The image format to convert to. Setting the format to 'Unknown' will cause the program to not change the format for any image (input format = output format).
Size: The maximum width/height of the converted images. If the source image is bigger, it will be scaled down, smaller images will not be resized.
Resizing: The algorithm used to resize images.
6. Format-specific options.
7. Start Button: Starts converting the images. The conversion can be paused and/or cancelled.

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